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MSL was founded in 1995. With core business in Real Estate project development design, planning and property valuation. The company provides market research, strategic development planning and project management and prepare statutory valuations relating to compulsory purchase, lease modification, rent control, rating, stamp duty and estate duty and the like. The experts negotiate with Government on modifications to, and the surrender and regrant of land leases and make applications and appeals to the Town Planning Board for change of use of land or building. The firm also took part in land acquisition and strategic investment projects.

As the mainland further strengthens its reform policies, the economy of the greater China has grown significantly in recent years. MSL planned to expand the business to cover the mainland in particular to industrial and commercial consultancy services and real estate development projects. The synergy derived from the activities of various professional partners including architects, planners, valuers business engineer and IT experts from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan is the attribute of our success in mainland China.

The Group visioned the importance of information and internet in business and real estate. In 1997, we adopted I.T. in an industrial relocation and factory development operation in course of the business process re-engineering. In the following year, MSL carried out substantial market research for the identification of business trends and prospects and the market potential of consumable products such as apparels, hats, and shoes in wholesale and retail markets. The goal is to find the solution to solve the business and property development problem by means of integrating information as a business tool into project development. We joined the 1998 Shanghai Expo which was organised by HK TDC with the aim to promote the functions of information in business activities. In 1999, MSL implemented the business concept by adopting IT infrastructure and well planned built environment in the property projects. The marketing was overwhelming. We have continued to carry out the business concept for trades of traditional Chinese medicines, books sale and publication, and tea market. The company will look for new development and investment opportunities and markets.

Our clientele including mortgage banks', financial institutions, property developers and individual owners. For project management, we would carry out business evaluation and comprehensively understand the national and regional economic and social environment. We start from the view point from the end user to formulate the marketing plan. By innovation and creativity, we strive for new business opportunities for our clients.

In Hong Kong, we are lucky to become the founding partner of Internet Valuation Service Providers of i Valuer.com.hk Limited. We believe that the well structured portal will provide more reliable, effective valuation service to our clients. It will further prove the influential power and value added effect of information technology in this cyber age.

Our goals in the new millenium are to expand Internet Valuation for the clients and developing new ideas and providing solutions to real estate and business traders.

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